DD Black Chocolate Mochaccino 400X Bronzer


Buy 1 Bottle, Get 1- 7.5 oz. Black Agave Free!

This is pure decadence. The “I spend a little too much time admiring myself in the mirror” kind of decadence. It’s not just you. Your transcending color & radiance will illicit envious stares from others demanding to know your dark secret. Little do they know artisan-crafted 400X Double Dark Bronzers are the source of your paradise-level bronze, along with a Colortopia Peptide Infusion with mesmerizing glow to ensure you’ve left a lasting impression.

Available in: 64 oz. Bottle / 13.5 oz. Bottle / 7.5 oz. Bottle / .75 oz. Packette

Fragrance: Spun Silken Sugar & Banana

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