Midnight Gold 200X Bronzer


It’s darkest after midnight & stars shine the brightest.  Become the golden star that shines the brightest.  Clothes, hair, shoes, become an afterthought because it’s your skin that’s so hypnotizing.  Midnight Gold radiates a magnificent darkness accentuated by dramatic skin tightening & toning.  Skin appears youthful, vibrant, captivating.  Tanning minerals nourish all night long, opening the door to an even darker bronze.  Show a little more skin, & your link-as a tattoo enhancing complex lets your body art pop with a more vivid brightness.  Midnight Gold sets the new golden standard in tanning perfection.

Available in: 13.5 oz. Bottle / .75 oz. Packette

Fragrance: Grassy Peach with Sweet Cream

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